BES Utilities

Since starting at BES Utilities in early September, I have been a keen reader of Cornwall Insight’s analytics and Energy Spectrum publications. Coming from a non-industry background, the Cornwall Insight Energy Spectrum has helped me to not only increase my knowledge of the industry, but also to flag up different initiatives and opportunities within BES, based off of information provided in the Energy Spectrum. I think it is extremely important for those within this sector to understand the industry, but that is not where the Energy Spectrum stops. Firstly, the week in review by Nick Palmer sums up important political, economic, and social issues throughout the week, but then the Spectrum goes more in depth to help with key areas of a business, such as wholesale movements, renewable energy, and political happenings, happenings that could affect businesses, and would not necessarily be common knowledge. To sum up, Energy Spectrum helps a business have all industry related news in one place, news that is centralised, unbiased and informative.